About Bitline

Bitline is headed by a group of educated and skilled professionals who have 35 years’ experience in business. This experience spans across multiple industries including, but not limited to, mining, lumber, construction, oil, O.H.A.S coaching and training, as well as 15 years’ construction HSSE experience. Bitline is a safety consultant for BP, Shell, Engen, Chevron, Caltex, Transnet, Sasol, as well as a host of civil clients.

Our Mission

The main purpose of Bitline is to ensure thorough understanding of relevant legislation, risks and common HSSE problem areas with construction work, through a professional code of conduct that includes integrity and moral responsibility, which will not detract from the dignity of the profession and must lead to professional relationships. The key to fulfilling our ultimate obligation is for all our staff to provide consistent work in a way that reflects favourably or bring credit to the profession.


Bitline is able to assist clients with legal compliance to the following legislation:

Bitline has 45 employees who are professional,
well-educated and skilled.

HSSE Consultants
Safety Officers
Permit Issuers
Financial Consultants
Human Resources Consultant
Secretary / Accountant

Bitline SA Membership



Institute of Safety Management
– Steering Committee



SA Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors Member of OH&S Committee



Master Builders Association
– Gauteng


Safety First Association

Steering Committee


Accredited BP Safety Consultant, Shell, Chevron



SASDA accreditation